Elderberry Info

Elderberries are tiny, yet powerful berries high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and loaded with antioxidants. They have long been used to boost immunity, shorten duration and symptoms of illness, reduce inflammation, support hearth health, and support gastrointestinal system and much more. Unlike most other berries, their flavor profile is more tart than sweet. That's where their besties like organic cinnamon, organic raw honey, and rose hips come in to help. They also bring their own healing powers to the table.


Our freshly made organic elderberry blend is kept at a juice like consistency for easy intake for the whole family. We found that a thicker syrup wasn't a texture favored by all, and it's also more difficult to blend in with other foods. As parents, we very much know that one size does not fit all when it comes to getting everyone in the house to like/agree on the same thing. The goal was to have everyone reaching for their daily dose of healthy rather than viewing it as a chore. Most love our blend as is, but you can easily add it into a juice or smoothie if needed with virtually no detection.


There are no GMOs. fillers, preservatives or tiny print on the back with unknown ingredients! Naturally support and boost your immune system with our tasty organic elderberry blend.


Organic Elderberry Blends