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LCG Organic Blends

Organic Flavored Syrup

Organic Flavored Syrup

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Enjoy your coffee, desserts, cocktails or anything you'd like with our freshly made organic syrup blends!
No need for the GMO filled syrups that never use real foods for flavor.  Create your very own perfect coffee house drinks right at home!  Our blend is carefully crafted to deliver the flavor you enjoy, while also being thin enough in texture to very easily blend into drinks and drizzle on top of foods.
Each syrup is made with organic sugar, flavor from real foods, and comes in a 12 oz bottle.

Here are some ideas to enjoy:

  • Lattes and cold brew seasonal joy in a mug
  • Mix with milk for flavor (kids love this)
  • Specialty cocktails - hello espresso martinis! 
  • Top cereal, waffles, pancakes, etc
  • Ice cream treats - think vanilla bean with a flavored syrup and some crumbled graham crackers.... easy and delicious!
  • The creations are endless!!

* Seasonal Flavors




All syrups are made with organic sugar and the following:

Vanilla syrup- organic vanilla

Maple-vanilla - organic maple syrup, organic vanilla

Mocha syrup - organic cacao powder & organic vanilla

Cinnamon spiced- organic cinnamon sticks

Pumpkin spice- organic pumpkin puree, organic pumpkin spice blend, organic vanilla

Our Dulce De Leche is not a syrup, but can be enjoyed in the same way. It comes in an 8 oz mason jar and can be enjoyed by the spoonful cold, or reheated in the jar for a silky smooth consistency.

How long will my bottle last?

Keep refrigerated and your all natural coffee syrup will last up to 2 months.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Never received the items I ordered and have tried contacting the company many times to no avail. Guess I made a donation at this rate.

Mackenzie McNaughton

Organic Flavored Syrup

Judith Mata
Awesome coffee syrups

The flavor is amazing!!! Best coffee syrup I’ve ever had!! Will definitely continue to buy :)

Katrina Snyder
Elderberry Juice

After trying many products of different brands, this one is the best! Hands down the best !

No more Starbucks!

I am very picky when it comes to adding flavor to coffee but I cannot believe that I found something to replace my Starbucks pumpkin spice craving. The syrup is amazing! It’s like Thanksgiving in a cup! The bottle lasts so long because 2 tbsp of the syrup added into your coffee goes such a long way! I tell everyone about it because I love that I can enjoy pumpkin spice without having to pay $6 for a cup of coffee. I’m officially addicted!