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LCG Organic Blends

Organic Elderberry Blend

Organic Elderberry Blend

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Our all natural immune boosting blend is loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, fiber, and flavonoids (phytonutrients with power packed antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory).

Made in only small batches, our signature blend is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling good.  Elderberries are a true superfood.  When combined with the healing benefits of ginger (excellent in fighting off a chronic disease), cinnamon (gut health), rose hips (anti-inflammatory & skin health), raw honey (tasty phytonutrient powerhouse) and lemon (digestive aid); your blend truly makes you an unstoppable force.  

The benefits of a spoonful a day :

• Boost immunity and shorten duration of viral respiratory illnesses like cold and flu.

• Reduce inflammation and infection, like allergies

• Support heart health

• Boost your gastrointestinal system

Please note:
Our elderberry blend is sweetened with organic raw honey.   

We do have a Vegan Blend as an option.  Check it out!  


Only USDA Certified Organic foods are used in our blend.

Organic Elderberries
Organic Ginger
Organic Cinnamon
Organic Rose Hips
Organic Raw Honey
Organic Lemon

How do I take my blend?

We recommend our elderberry blend to be taken daily as a preventative. However, you can also consume only when feeling ill. It's best to take as soon as you start to feel under the weather. This will help your body maximize the benefits.

Don't worry, directions are located on your bottle. Our QR code on the front also helps you quickly re-order and/or reach out with any questions.

Adults: 1/2 TBSP-1 TBSP daily.

Kids (over 1): 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp daily.

When feeling ill, triple daily until well.

How long will my bottle last?

It totally depends on you and your household. The shelf life of your blend is 3 months in the refrigerator.

When taken daily, our 16 oz bottle will typicaly last up to 2 months for 2-3 people in your home.

Our 32 oz bottle is recommended for larger families.

For reference; we are a family of 4 and our 32 oz bottle lasts us 2 months.

Is this Kid-friendly?

Absolutely! Our elderberry blend was not made available until our favorite and most hardest critics approved. As parents, we get it! The blend was kept at a juice like consistency to easily blend into a juice, or smoothie just in case. There's always a just in case!

The signature blend contains organic raw honey, which is, safe for kids over 1. Our vegan blend is safe for all ages.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Monique Kohlhagen

Organic Elderberry Blend

Pablo Elorriaga
Trying process

Won’t know if works for at least 3-4 weeks. My daughter gets sick very very often. Her coughing is usually non stop for 2-3 days. Of course, everyone else in the family gets it but not as bad as she. I am hoping for this to stop or at least reduce the frequency significantly…. I know isn’t a miracle infusion but I read that helps to strengthen the immune system. My 6 YO, 3 YO and I are all taking it as directed. Thanks

Courtney Hebbe

I was recommended this company by other neighbors online. Seller was super responsive, answering my questions immediately. I liked that she made it herself locally. Delivered fast and the elderberry syrup was really tasty. Will definitely be ordering again.

Ida Kessler
By far the best tasting Elderberry syrup

What can I say, my family and I just love it and take it daily!

Cynthia V.
Best Homemade Blend!

Delicious tasting & healthy?? Yes please!
My second year buying this product for my family and we love it! The dulce de leche is a must treat as well!